Valet Account

Penson Financial offers a comprehensive asset management account that enables a client to combine their personal banking and brokerage activity into one consolidated account.

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  • Comprehensive checkwriting
    • First order of 200 wallet-style checks free
    • Preaddressed labels for mailing additional deposits
    • No minimum dollar requirement on checks written
    • Expense codes for categorization of checks written
    • Check number and payee printed on monthly statement
    • Year-end recap of all checks written, by category
    • Optional check styles available
  • Visa Gold debit card with airmiles
    • ATM access (Plus, MAC, NYCE and Cirrus networks)
    • Expanded travel liability insurance (through Visa)
    • Rewards program (airmiles redeemable for travel on any airline)
  • ACH direct deposit and withdrawals
    • Social security, pension benefits, etc. posted electronically to account
    • Mortgage payments, health club dues, etc. paid electronically from account
  • Periodic payment system
    • Authorize standing instructions to make payments from your account to specific parties on a recurring basis
  • Enhanced statement for Valet Account customers exclusively
    • Tax-lot cost basis statement
    • Realized/unrealized gains and losses
    • Cash management activity
    • Attractive binder to organize statements
  • 13 month/year-end summary statement
    • 1099 detail
    • Realized capital gains and losses
    • Income and expense summary
    • Checking activity by expense code category in date order by payee
    • Visa activity sorted by SIC (Standard Industry Code) and merchant
  • Bill payment/presentment
    • Clients can pay bills over the web
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