Mutual Funds

With the enormous growth of mutual fund assets in recent years, more and more brokerage firms are looking for ways to expand their fund offerings. Penson Financial's mutual fund program makes it as easy to do transactions, record keeping and administration for mutual funds as it is for stocks and bonds.

Our mutual fund platform offers you access to a supermarket of over 3,000 funds from over 330 fund families, without burdening you with extra paperwork and separate relationships with the various mutual fund companies. All the details are handled automatically - from order entry, commission accounting and gathering 12b-1 fees and other fee-related income, to statements and dividend distributions. In addition, the system allows you to offer your clients the convenience of:

  • Automatic reinvestment of dividends
  • Hassle-free, cost-effective systematic deposits
  • Easy exchanges within a fund family
  • Integrated monthly statements
  • Combined year-end tax reporting

Penson can also link you into our extensive network of over 600 popular no load, NTF (no transaction fee) mutual funds, providing your clients with a wide menu of choices to meet their needs. In addition, your clients will have access to the superior performance of Galaxy funds, Penson's proprietary family of mutual funds.