Fixed Income

Penson Financial is pleased to announce a partnership with TheMuniCenter, one of the largest web-based B2B marketplaces for municipal securities. A group of investors that includes Chapdelaine & Co., FSA, Merrill Lynch & Co., Morgan Stanley, and Salomon Smith Barney owns TheMuniCenter, which was established in May 2000. Penson Financial also participates as a distributor along with a large network of broker/dealers and other financial institutions.

This alliance gives our correspondents access to substantial fixed income inventory from a variety of dealers in one centralized location.

TheMuniCenter enables our correspondents to "view" approximately 5,000 live municipal offerings representing up to $3 billion in par value daily. In addition, a wide array of investment tools enhances TheMuniCenter's site. Features such as ladder building, customized searches, bond analytics, a material events feed, and access to research help investment representatives evaluate offerings efficiently and serve their clients more effectively.

Click here to visit TheMuniCenter